Token Issuance

What are these tokens? What's all the fuss about?
Token issuance is an important topic for projects that are planning to provide utility to the NFT holders and minters.
It is essential that our holders can benefit from the NFTs they're holding. Therefore, Phantom Bunch wants to create a system, a miniverse or the Phantomverse where our holders can stake their Phantoms, independent of the generation of the Phantom itself, to earn our very own token called $LAUGH.
Earning $LAUGH will bring its benefits. $LAUGH token will be used for in-game purchases inside the Phantomverse. Taxation, land owning or boosting resources will be done exclusively with our $LAUGH token.
There will be differences between generations and their perks. These can be different emission rates for different generations that are being staked, and also generations will have different use cases.
Initial liquidity will be provided by the sales revenue of the second generation.
$LAUGH token will be launched after the sellout of the second generation.