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Second Generation

Are we there yet?
The second generation of the Phantom Bunch comes with a higher supply. With this second generation, we're also trying something that hasn't been done often in the NFT space. There will be 1087 pieces and 87 of them will be handmade. The rest of it will be procedurally generated but in a 3D environment.
The second generation will be created with more than 120 different traits. What's the name of the second generation?
Phantom Bunch Descendants!
These will have their own collection and this collection will be listed on PaintSwap as well.
All the important stuff about the second generation of Phantom Bunch will be shared here. There won't be too many giveaways as we're creating a project with lower supply compared to a lot of other projects out there.
There won't be any royalty payout for the minters or the holders of the second generation, but some NFTs can have their own perks because of the partnerships and collaborations with other projects.
An example for these perks is our collaboration piece with Potluck Protocol. This piece is one of the handmade pieces in the second generation and the only piece that is upside down.
Stay tuned!