First Generation

Everything about the original Phantom Bunch, the first generation. The generation that started it all.
First generation of the Phantom Bunch or as we call it the Originals. Original Phantom Bunch consists of 187 handcrafted pieces. These 187 were carefully handpicked from about 250 different Phantoms.
The original Phantom Bunch was sold out or minted out in 2 hours. If I'm not mistaken, we're one of the fastest projects to be minted out on Fantom. Yes, we have a lower supply but still.
Every original minter is getting 1% of the secondary sale of the Phantom they minted. This is something that can't be transferred. But there are other possibilities on the table to reward the minters some other way.
Royalty fee of each secondary sale for each Phantom is 7.5% and 1% of the whole sale goes to the original minter, 3.5% to the Vault and 3% goes to the team.
Fees are being paid weekly at the moment. After the review of our rewards program this information will be updated.
First generation Phantoms and their holders will have more advantages compared to the holders of other generations. These have not been decided yet but advantages that are being considered right now are:
  • Higher staking rewards for staking their original Phantom from the Phantom Bunch
  • Specific owning rights that can only be provided to the holders such as land owning or being a mayor/president
  • Higher rewards in other parts of the Phantomverse
The sales volume of the first generation increased rapidly in the two weeks after the minting phase and we reached about 9.000FTM volume in just two weeks.
The minting price of each original Phantom was 50 FTM.
Phantom #002 and Phantom #003 were the only original Phantoms from the Phantom Bunch that were auctioned. We participated at the very first Auction of Fantom Art Collective on Nov 11th, 2021.
Phantom #004 was the only giveaway that had an original Phantom as the grand prize and this giveaway was done to thank the community for their early and great support.
First generation can be found on PaintSwap. If you still haven't got one or want to get more.