Phantom Bunch

This is where it all begins.

Phantom Bunch is just a medium.

We are here to create a story. Phantom Bunch consists of a bunch of 3D NFT companions. These companions are the key to their miniverse.
Phantom Bunch started with the goal of creating small, cute creatures. Along the way it got reworked, and new ideas kept flowing in and through these different inputs Phantom Bunch has become what it is today.
Phantom Bunch started around March 2021, like stated above, these cute creatures got reworked a couple of times and what you're seeing right now is the final product. I needed to get away from it a bit around April-May and took a break from Phantoms back then. Made some other stuff during that period. Around June, I took the Phantoms out of the shelf and restarted the working process.
I've always been fascinated by stories and how these stories can be implemented into different creations. With Phantom Bunch, I wanted to achieve that. That's why every single one of the 187 original Phantoms have their origin story. These stories will be released around January 2022. A booklet with all these stories will be published as well. It got bigger and bigger and the more ideas came, the more I wanted to develop this project further. That's when the ideas of second generation and the Phantomverse came alive.
The idea to create such weird stuff was a thought experiment to be honest. I just wanted to use different stuff that isn't necessarily something you could put on or wear. In the end, I was very happy with the outcome.
Brace yourselves for what's next. I'm really excited about the future of the project.
At the moment, we're only on Fantom Opera Network and there are no plans to go to other networks. A lot of advantages are provided by Fantom therefore I don't see a reason to go to other networks. Fantom Community has been great and welcoming since the beginning as well. Why look for other stuff if you're already happy, right?
Phantom Bunch's main goal is to become a blue chip NFT in the Fantom Ecosystem and when people talk about NFT projects inside the Fantom Ecosystem, Phantom Bunch should be one of the first names that comes to mind. Therefore, I'm working hard to get this project to the place it needs.